Lynn Ogryzlo

Farmer’s Spinach Quiche

This month’s featured recipe using Paron cheese is “Farmer’s Spinach Quiche” from Lynn Ogryzlo’s wonderful cookbook “Niagara Cooks – a seasonal attitude”, a recipe book that harvests the “rhythm of the seasons”.

Farmer’s Spinach Quiche

Did You Know?

  • Fresh Montasio makes a great grilled cheese sandwich (the natural rind can be kept on or trimmed off) or try Medium Montasio melted, for a stronger taste.
  • Try replacing Mozzarella with Fresh Montasio when making lasagna or pizza.
  • Grated, aged Montasio is a great substitute, not only for pasta but for any recipe that calls for parmesan.
  • Fry Fresh Montasio to make Frico (a Northern Italian tradition) by cutting into strips or small pieces, fried in a small heavy-duty pan until brown & crispy, then flip (like a pancake). Can also add pre-cooked, chopped onions or potatoes to become an omelette, or add your favorite vegetables.
  • Goat cheese is 30% lower in fat & cholesterol than cows milk cheese, and can be used in many recipes.
  • Our aged Old Montasio (5 years) cubes, are great for adding to pots of soups, making a sauce (the natural rind will melt slowly in the pot), or makes a great snack. We sell the cubes pre-cut in our store, or we can prepare larger sizes to cut into pieces (good knife is required, as the cheese is very hard).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any tips on uses for Paron specialty cheeses?

  • melt in your favorite recipe
  • sprinkle grated Parmesan or grated aged Montasio on a salad or over popcorn
  • toss chunks of Montasio or goat cheese over a salad
  • makes a delicious cheese sauce for macaroni & cheese
  • use in wraps
  • substitute in a casserole or melt over baked potatoes